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We, here at B3NET Media Group, own around 10 In-house blog sites, covering a wide plethora of subjects – from skydiving and iPhones to laser cutters and diamond jewelry. Each of the blog sites specializes in representing an individual ambit of topics.

B3NET Media Group is reaching out to blogging communities and freelance writers who are enthusiastic in contributing to our  blog sites.

How To Get Started


B3NET Media Group is inviting bloggers and authors who are interested in gaining more exposure for themselves, their books, articles and even their blogs to become a dynamic part of our  guest blogger community.

You can write articles/blogs, and send them to us for approval by conting us. Guest blogging  is a great way to build your platform & professional reputation outside your own regular audience.

Here is a brief introduction to the guidelines:


·         A minimum of 500+ words per post.

·         Please include a proper introduction and conclusion.

·         Please use bullets & numberings, instead of paragraphs (Recommended).

·         Please use images and mention the credit of the images.

·         Plagiarism is a strict NO. Spelling and grammar mistakes will not be tolerated.

·         Hyperlinks must naturally fit into a sentence and add value to the post.

·         A well-written Author's bio with a link to the social media profile of the author.

·         Please proof-read the post yourself in order to eliminate any existing error.


Note: Publication of the contributed content is at the sole discretion of B3NET Media Group.


To know more about the Terms and Conditions, click here

We look forward to hearing from you!